San Francisco Youth Chorus

San Francisco Youth Chorus

Great Adventures Through Education, the sponsoring parent organization of SFYC, in San Francisco's Sunset District, has made K-8 STEAM courses active, fun, & engaging for over 30 years. SummerGATE is a California, non-profit, educational corporation established by the San Francisco Association for the Gifted and Talented for the purpose of providing college-bound students with challenging summer classes. Many SFYC staff members teach classes in three sessions, early June through early August. More at | 415.753.2966


Hip Hop Dance - Grades 3-5 & 5-8 - June 10-28 & July 1-19
Learn to keep the beat as we exercise our body and synchronize our movements through this popular form of dance. The class promises to be challenging for both boys and girls.

Hand Drumming - Grades 4-8 - June 10-28 & July 1-19 & July 22-August 2
Learn the techniques of hand-drumming, from the simple tambourine to the more complicated and rarer percussion instruments used throughout the world. Students explore rhythms from Africa and the Caribbean isles, then create their own unique style.

Intro to Guitars - Grades 4-6 - July 1-19
Guitars are supplied for this introductory class. Students run basic chords and strumming techniques. Folks and rock songs are used as the basis for the music created.

Mission: Explore! Overnight at the Museum de Musique - Grades 4-5 - July 1-19
Meet the ghosts of composers Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, as we travel back in time to Musée de la Musique in Paris and to Vienna, the “city of music,” to learn about its grand concert halls and cathedrals. We’ll “walk” the streets where Mozart strolled, and share the snacks he ate on his way to violin lessons. We’ll study sound vibrations to help us understand how Beethoven could compose music even after he became deaf. We’ll even create our own musical manuscripts using the feathery pens of the past, just as Bach did.

SummerGATE Sings - Grades 5-8 - July 1-19
From Classical to Pop music, students learn choral songs in two and three part harmony, featuring upbeat songs from the Broadway and jazz styles, plus fresh tunes by artists such as Lady Gage and Imagine Dragons. Our class culminates in an energized “funformance” on the last day of SummerGATE.

Music and Movement - Grades 1-3 - July 22-August 2
Dramatic play, dance, and yoga will be the focus of this fun-filled class. We will feel the beat in our feet as we dive into different dance styles fro around the world. We will leave feeling refreshed and calm after mindful meditation and yoga poses round out this energized hour!

SummerGATE Goes to Broadway Singing “Les Misérables” - Grades 4-6 - July 22-August 2
Ours is an intense, fun-filled musical class of singing, movement, and theater, where we learn to perform with joy and confidence. While focusing on the show, “Les Mis,” students study monologues and dialogues. We learn choral music and dance routines from top-notch musical instructors, and students perform solos on ensemble songs in our performance. You won’t want to miss our exciting rendition of this musical on the last day of SummerGATE.

SummerGATE at the Cabaret - Grades 4-6 - July 22-August 2
Ours is an intense, fun-filled musical class of singing, movement, and theater improvisation, where we learn to perform with joy and confidence. While focusing on a variety of songs from musicals and film, students will study monologues and dialogues, learn choral music, and dance routines under the tutelage of top-notch musical instructors. Students will have the opportunity to perform solos and ensemble songs in our performance. Save the date for our exciting, fast-paced performance on the final day of SummerGATE.